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    Dealing with harassment and mistreatment in the CA firm

    Take the practical as well as a self-help approach. Doing these, whatever the practical help you have, you’ll get it. And whatever help you would wish to have but you don’t have it, help yourself get through the phase.

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    Feeling exploited by Principal?

    If whatever bad and undesirable things your principal, manager or your seniors say to you or do to you do not affect you in your thoughts and feelings negatively at all, you would be in a position to do your best works and study for passing your CA exams the best.

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    Not capable of taking mental pressures?

    There will be a lot of instances where your rights will be taken away and you will be told to do things against your will. The people who reach their heights in their chosen career fields are the ones who go through such challenges and they keep going.

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    Principal not giving exam leave?

    Feeling let down and frustrated during your day to day life are time and energy wasters. They leave you with little productive time and energy. Hence, put your problems in the right perspectives and move on from them to do your best.

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    Principal telling you to stay late hours?

    You can lose your mind and feel frustrated and miserable when told to stay late in the office. And you may not like your principal and your principal may not like you. And this can go on for the rest of your Articleship period. Or, you can decide to deal with your situation tactfully.

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    Feeling mentally tortured by your principal?

    What matters here is your progress towards becoming CA and at the same time, your mental and emotional well being more than anything else.

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