Articleship: 8 tips to deal with harassment & exploitation

Articleship: 8 tips to deal with harassment & exploitation

Despite the challenges you face during your Articleship, in order to reach your goal of becoming CA, what matters in the end is whether you 'complete' your Articleship successfully and 'pass' your CA exams.

Articleship is an important part of the CA course in India. For you to become CA, you must complete it successfully.

But some CA students begin to find Articleship increasingly difficult, not because of the works they are required to do, but because of the treatment they receive from their superiors and Principals in their CA firm.

If you are the person I am talking about, here are 8 tips on how to deal with the feeling of harassment and exploitation during Articleship.

1. Relatable case
Many CA students during their Articleship feel they are harassed and exploited by their superiors and Principals.

During my research from the past 3 years on the problems and challenges faced by the Indian CA students, I have come across a number of cases of CA students who feel harassed and exploited during Articleship. If you are struggling with these problems, know that you are not alone. There are other CA students who go through these too.

2. Complicated situation
But the feelings of harassments and exploitation can be subjective. This means you may be right in your feelings. Scoldings in public, shouting and bad-mouthing at work-place during Articleship do take place and these are not desirable to anyone.

At the same time, these behaviours, if done by your Principal, although undesirable, may be justified from their viewpoint, considering the work-pressures, deadlines and such other broader aspects concerning their CA firm.

3. Going against your Principal
If you intend to raise a formal complaint with the Institute against the Principal, practically speaking, there are chances that this might bring you to face additional challenges and may push you further off the track from reaching your goal of becoming CA.

Furthermore, the Institute is reported to have always sided with the members in such cases, not the CA students.

4. Approach your Principal
Hence, it is better to approach your Principal privately. Tell them you are struggling with your work and ask for their suggestions on what you can do to improve your works. Avoid confrontational topics. If your Principal continues with their undesirable behaviour during your talk, subside it for the moment. Doing these will likely put you both on a common track.

Regardless of the behaviour of your Principal, they are likely concerned with the works in their firm. Hence, if you ask for their suggestions on your improvement, they may take a productive approach that will serve the both of you.

5. Talk regularly
If your Principal has offered any suggestion on how you can improve at your work, do take it religiously. This is your chance to take things in a good direction. Take all the chances to improve at your work.

Try to talk with your Principal in person regularly. Continue to ask suggestions on your works. Ask if you are doing good. Try to meet the expectations of your Principal.

6. Be patient and remain calm
Remember, the big picture for your here is your goal of becoming CA. You have opted for the CA course in order to become CA, and Articleship is an important part in becoming CA. Regardless of your situation at work, what matters in the end is whether you have passed your CA exams and finished your Articleship successfully.

Some CA students are better at dealing with the undesirable behaviours of others at work during their Articleship, other CA students struggle with it. If you care about your goal of becoming CA, exercising patience and practicing calmness will be of your help.

7. Visualize yourself as a CA
Regardless of the problems and challenges you face during your Articleship, you must never forget that you are in it for becoming CA. Practice visualizing your future as a Chartered Accountant.

Complaints and confrontations rarely help in the CA course. It is better you engage yourself in positive activities too. Visualisation helps in this case.

8. Continue your Articleship
Different people are raised in different environments. For some of us, shouting and scolding are out-rightly unacceptable, likely because these have not been the part of our environment. But Articleship is a new environment.

Despite the challenges you face during your Articleship, in order to reach your goal of becoming CA, what matters in the end is whether you complete your Articleship successfully and pass your CA exams.

Share your views with me and other readers on this topic in the comment section below.

M. Ammar

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  • Manish
    April 13, 2019, 11:02 am

    Such useless article, stop feeding such slavery! Not one point in in tackling the issue. My friend is stuck, completed Articleship but he is not giving sign. His principal is doing harrassment, asking to work cause due to his very nature no one is staying at his office for longer. He approached institute but they told very same things like you said about approaching principal for understanding. He is not understanding anything, he just wants to take advantage of the situation by not giving signature of his article completion. There is no escape! Such slavery should stop, asap.

    • Manish@Manish
      April 13, 2019, 11:03 am

      Many typographical errors, pardon it

    • M. Ammar@Manish
      April 16, 2019, 7:16 am

      Hello Manish,

      Appreciate your comment. What do you think is the helpful way to deal with the harassment and exploitation during and after the Articleship? Would love to know your view. It might end up helping someone going through the problem.

      Warm regards,

    • Din ku@Manish
      December 2, 2020, 8:59 pm

      What if the article is sc/st


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