Feeling mentally tortured by your principal?

Feeling mentally tortured by your principal?

What matters here is your progress towards becoming CA and at the same time, your mental and emotional well being more than anything else.

For many CA students in Articleship, their days don’t go by without receiving verbal abuse in the workplace from their managers and principals in the CA firm.

For some CA students, ignoring the rants or the verbal abuse comes naturally. But for others – especially the CA students who get taken over by obsessive thoughts and carry the instincts of compulsive behaviours, ignoring the verbal abuse is one of the toughest jobs.

It affects them very strongly. Their minds get hijacked by the abuse, so much so that they cannot focus on anything else.

If you are the person, here’s your help:

There are abusive people

The not-so-good fact about our world is that there are people – abusive (verbally and physically). And such abuse becomes part of who they are.

You can surely try to change them by talking to them, answering them back, fighting with them, or trying to report them to authorities. You do have all these options.

Verbal abuse is wrong

Verbal abuse by anyone to you or to anybody else, it is wrong. It is straight and simply wrong. There is no doubt about it.

And as mentioned above, trying to ignore the verbal abuse is not easy for everyone.

No person should abuse any other person at work, or anywhere else. You would not do it to anybody else. Moreover, you would want to defend tooth and nail anybody you see getting verbally abused.

Your Principal

If your principal happens to be abusive, you are in a very delicate situation.

You can answer your principal back, fight with them, and even try to report them, but doing so will likely affect your Articleship.

And since finishing your Articleship successfully is a very important part of your goal of becoming CA, the best thing here is to learn to deal with the verbal abuse tactfully and proceed with completing your Articleship successfully.

If you pick up a fight with your principal or rub the wrong shoulders with them, it will likely create increasing number of problems for the rest of your Articleship period, and sometimes, even after the completion of your Articleship.

Becoming CA

What matters in the end is you reaching your goal and achieving your dreams. And when you hit the wall, ‘persevering’ towards achieving your big goal. Moving on from the past hurts and moving forward towards achieving your big, deserving goal.

If you took the CA course out of your own, free will, the logical conclusion is that, by all means, becoming CA should be your goal.

And to become CA, the most important steps for you to take are to study your subjects, pass your exams and to finish your Articleship successfully.

Dealing with your situations carefully

If you do not deal with your situations carefully, you lose a lot in terms of your progress in the CA course and your personal well being.

If you took the CA course out of your own free will, the chances are, you had your dreams, goals, expectations, and / or good reasons behind it. But as with pursuing any big dream or a goal, it involves facing problems and challenges along the way.

Things do not work out the way you expect, people do you wrong, there are frustrations, disappointments, anger (sometimes), and such other things.

And in case you hit the wall, you sometimes feel like giving up.

Your progress and well being

What matters here is your progress towards becoming CA and at the same time, your mental and emotional well being more than anything else.

And here’s how you can take care of it:

Take out some alone time and talk to yourself these:

Yes, no person should verbally abuse anyone and to me. My principal does not have a right to do that no matter what.


Yes, I would not do it to anyone at anytime.


I accept the fact that there will always be people, verbally abuse, that it is ingrained deeply in their nature to do that. I can try to change them but if they do not recognize it as a problem themselves, trying to change them (unless done so maturely) can end up creating me more problems.


Answering them back, fighting them back, or trying to report them to authorities (if not done so maturely) could end up creating my own self more troubles in reaching my goal of becoming CA.


What matters here is my progress towards achieving my goal of becoming CA and my mental and emotional well being.


I accept that receiving verbal abuse is painful.


I do not like it.


I wish it does not happen to me, at all.


But to change any person other than my own self is not in my hands. It is most commonly in their own hands.


I have the option to take the verbal abuse as part and parcel of the problems and challenges I face in reaching my goal of becoming CA.


And no matter how painful it is, I can get through it, tactfully, with an open mind, and a clear head.


Because what is important here is finishing my Articleship successfully, passing my CA exams, and becoming CA.

Repeat the above words every time you feel you are taken over by the effects of the verbal abuse. Repeat it until you feel better and until you are in control of your mind and emotions.

And now, for the sake of finishing your Articleship successfully, passing your CA exams, and going on to become CA, and for the sake of helping your own self:

Drive yourself up to your own standards (and not the actions and the reactions of others).

And get back to the job with an open mind and a clear head as if nothing happened.

Let me and other readers know your views in the comments section below. And if you think this article could be of help to the CA student in your circle, please share this article with them.

M. Ammar

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