Introduction to the Aspects of Becoming CA

Introduction to the Aspects of Becoming CA


There are CA students who pass their CA exams, finish Articleship and go on to become CA without facing any failures. There are also CA students who face failures during their CA course.

If you happen to find yourself struggling in the CA course, facing confusions, doubts, dilemmas, and cluelessness in your day-to-day life, there is a systematic way of coming out of all these. Not just that, but you will also gain clarity on what is it that you really, really want to do with your life and what you should be doing next.

Different CA students take the CA course for different reasons. For some, the CA course turns out to be the right choice, and for others, it turns out to be the biggest pain they ever faced in their life.

If you have clarity on what you want out of the CA course and what you should be doing next, well and good. But, as mentioned above, if you find yourself getting into constant confusions, doubts, dilemmas, and cluelessness, then you need a bit of help on understanding why all these are happening to you.

1. Dreams & Goals.
All of us want to do something, become something and achieve something in life. In case you’ve been struggling in the CA course, there are high chances that your problems and challenges have made you forget about your original dreams and goals in life.

Maybe your dream was to become CA but your daily grind in the CA course made you forget about it. It can also be the case that becoming CA was never your dream or goal but you ended up in the CA course for some reason.

Whatever your dreams in life have been, knowing and understanding them provide you with clarity as to what kinds of work attract you and what you should be doing with your life.

If becoming CA is in line with your dreams and goals in life, well and good. But if becoming CA has never been your true goal, then find out what is the kind of work that attracts you in life. Know it, understand it and have clarity on it.

Because if you want to excel at something, you better excel at something that you genuinely, deeply care about and provides meaning to you and your life.

2. Problems & Challenges
Once you are clear about your dreams and goals (you can call it your pursuit, passion, ambition or whatever you like), know that facing different kinds of problems and challenges along the way are part and parcel of your pursuit.

If you want to do something big, productive and meaningful works in life, you are bound to face problems and challenges along the way. Many of us are not willing to accept this fact. When we don’t accept the fact that facing problems and challenges are part and parcel of our pursuit, we are allowing ourselves to live in denial. And this makes it additionally difficult for us to solve the problems and challenges we face along the way.

On the other hand, if we accept the fact that facing problems and challenges are a normal part of our pursuit and life, our mind then becomes free to look for the right solutions instead of being blocked out when living in denial.

3. Failures
Sometimes facing failures during our pursuit becomes part of the problems and challenges that we face along the way. Again, as in the case of problems and challenges, your chances of overcoming your failures depend mainly on whether you choose to accept the fact that facing failures sometimes is a normal part of your pursuit and life.

4. Giving up & Dropping out
This phase is another extension of the problems and challenges you face along the way. But, as explained in my articles on giving up and dropping out, there are major differences giving up and dropping out of CA.

If you quit under pressure, it can be said that you gave up because it became too painful for you to go on. Whereas if you find that the CA course does not work out for you and you have some other opportunity available to you which you believe is better than going on to become CA for you, then this will be a sane decision and a case of dropping out.

5. Moving on & Moving forward
If you have been struggling in the CA course, you need to move on from the problems and challenges that have held you back in CA and move forward in your life.

Many CA students who face repeated failures in the CA course, they are not able to solve their problems or face their challenges on their own. If this has been your case then you need to seek help on it.

Because your life is not worthless. It, in fact, is the opposite. It can simply be the case that you simply needed someone to understand your case and guide you out of your problems and challenges. Reach out to us for help here.

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