Introduction to building the major aspects of your life

Introduction to building the major aspects of your life


The CA students who find themselves failing in the CA course repeatedly, many, if not most of them, face problems in all the major aspects of their life. They become clueless.

They begin to face so many problems that they don’t even know what problems they are facing, how these problems are affecting their lives, and how to overcome them all.

If you happen to be the CA student I am talking about, there is a systematic way to deal with all the problems that you have been facing that have held you back in the CA course.

Aspects of life
Besides having been a CA student, you are a human too. When you begin to face a lot of problems and challenges in your pursuit, it is good to take a step back and take an objective account of your life.

If I ask you, what does your life consist of, what would you answer?

You can pause for a while to pay a bit of attention to your thoughts as to what answer to get to the above.

Moving on, your life consists of the following major aspects: your body, mind, emotions, spirit, finance, profession, society and family. These are the major aspects of your life.

Whatever the problems or challenges that you face in life, they fall into one or more of the above major aspects of your life. And hence, knowing the major aspects of your life is important and helpful in solving your problems and overcoming your challenges.

Let us briefly look at each aspect of your life.

1. Physical
This aspect talks about your body; your physical self, whether you are energetic, fit, healthy and in good shape, whatever it is about your body that you consider important in order to become your best self.

2. Mental
This aspect talks about your thoughts. The word ‘thoughts’ may sound unimportant and petty but this is one of the most common causes that keeps you held back in life.

On a basic level, your mind consists of your thoughts, but if you go a bit deeper, it consists of your beliefs, mindset, values, attitude, conditions and such other things. These things dictate the way you behave and act in your day-to-day life.

Are you mentally strong, or you have grown weak? Are you carrying false beliefs, limiting mindset, harmful attitudes and other similar things? Because if you do, then these things could be the reasons that you are not able to focus on your studies, prepare for your exams, and progress in your CA course and move forward in your life. If your mind is filled with too much negativity then it is high time to work on turning it into the positive side of life.

3. Emotional
This talks about your feelings, as against your thoughts, whether you feel negative or positive about the various aspects of your life.

If you feel frustrated or depressed all the time then it is given that you will find yourself held back in life.

4. Spiritual
This is the most uncool things to talk about nowadays as this pertains to our religious beliefs and God. Whatever religion you follow, I believe the people who develop a close relationship with their God carry greater power when it comes to dealing with their difficult or challenging times, and this helps greatly in overcoming your major problems.

5. Financial
This aspect of life cannot be neglected. Although many CA students take this aspect of life for granted because many of them have financial support from their family, learning to make money to take care of your needs and wants in life is naturally important to most of us whether recognize this or not.

Going through the repeated failures in the CA course and falling into depression and other problems can make you feel worthless about you and your life and you may begin to regard money as unimportant.

But for most of us, our progress in personal and professional lives, among other things, mainly depends on our ability to become financially independent.

6. Professional
This consists of your academic life, your work life, and your career.

In the present formal education system such as the CA course, you first study a set of subjects, write exams, pass them all and you become academically successful. This is the academic aspect of your life.

Then you have a work life, which, for most of us, come after finishing our academic life. What kinds of work you like to do etc.

Then you have your career, which means, you, working in a particular field of work for a long time, gaining a good exposure and experience and becoming a master in your field of work.

7. Social
Let’s face this. The CA students who go through the repeated failures in the CA course, their social life becomes really, really awkward. It becomes a pain to go and meet people and face questions that end up embarrassing you even more.

Sometimes, how you deal with the social problems and challenges you face during your repeated failures in the CA course determines whether you will progress or decline in the CA course.

8. Personal
There are certain important things that don’t fall into the above categories. For example, your happiness, passions and such other things are more close to you than anyone else, and hence you can put them in this category.

Knowing all the major aspects that make up your life is important. This lets you put your problems into perspective and deal with them effectively.

Imagine this. You go on to become a qualified CA, but you find yourself feeling bitter and miserable about your life after becoming CA. Your mind and emotions are filled with negativity, and they start affecting your physical wellbeing. This can happen when you fail to take care of the major aspects of your life, or when you end up focussing too much on one aspect and ending up neglecting other important aspects of your life.

Whether you go on to become CA or not, I sincerely wish you do, but whatever the turnout, I want you to have built all the major aspects of your life. This way, you win in life even when you lose in CA.

If, despite your sincere efforts and repeated failures in your CA course, you have learnt how to build all the important aspects of your life – your physical well-being, your mental and emotional wellbeings, your spiritual well-being, your financial, professional, social and personal wellbeing – then even if you don’t go on to become CA, you will go on to become a much better person, better than going on to become CA. That is why I call this Becoming CA+.

M. Ammar

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