Principal not giving exam leave?

Principal not giving exam leave?

Feeling let down and frustrated during your day to day life are time and energy wasters. They leave you with little productive time and energy. Hence, put your problems in the right perspectives and move on from them to do your best.

Articleship poses its own set of problems and challenges to the CA students doing Articleship. The problems and challenges are mainly to do with the Principal, manager of the CA firm, or a senior in the CA firm.

Bullying, verbal abuse, harassment and exploitation are among the problems reported by the CA students.

One major problem you can face during your Articleship is when your principal does not grant leave for your CA exams.

Your exam leaves

Preparing for and passing your CA exams along with completing your Articleship successfully are important for reaching your goal of becoming CA.

And while there are rules stipulated with respect to the leave for your CA exams during Articleship, practically speaking, your principal carries a great deal of power with respect to any matter affecting you during your Articleship. And hence, granting you exam leave or denying it, practically, is in the hands of your principal. And when he does not grant you exam leave, you will likely have to take it as it is.

Reasons for not granting the exam leaves

Following are the possible reasons behind your principal not giving you the exam leave:

1. Your principal feels you’ve misused your exam leaves in the past
2. Principal does not have trust in you
3. There is a good workload in the CA firm
4. The relationship between you and your principal is not good.

Dealing with your situation

One of the most important qualities you can develop during your Articleship that can benefit you greatly is tact. That is, learning to deal with your situations carefully.

For many CA students, Articleship is the first work experience they have in life. And hence, you are likely not aware of how the work gets done and how people deals with in the workplace. Suffice it to say, you ought to become good at two things:

1. Carrying out your works
2. Dealing with the people in your workplace

Being taken over by anything apart from the above two points are secondary and are not helpful in reaching your goal of becoming CA and for your own mental and emotional well being.

Your options

When you are not granted leaves for your exams, whether the reasons behind it are right or wrong, you have multiple options:

1. You stop going to work and instead study for your exams
2. You continue to go to work but feel let down and frustrated
3. You continue to go to work and decide to make the best of your situation

The first two options can have further negative implications on you as your principal can create more problems for you. Going to work and making the best of your situation can be the best thing you can do being in your situation.

Feeling let down and frustrated during your day to day life are time and energy wasters. They leave you with little productive time and energy. Hence, put your problems in the right perspectives and move on from them to do your best.

How do you do your best?

1. Report to work

You know that not reporting to work will likely create you more problems, and you don’t want more problems to be created if you want to complete your Articleship successfully. Hence, report to work as usual.

2. Carry out the required works

Again, merely reporting to work won’t do anybody any good. Carry out the works assigned to you in the best ways you possibly can.

3. Be your best self

Being low on mood and frustrated won’t help you, neither for your progress nor for your well being; attempting to be your best self as if nothing bad happened to you and carrying out your role in the best possible manner will.

4. Finish your Articleship successfully

Some CA students report that their principal is not signing on their Articleship completion form and sometimes, even after signing, they make threats. In order to avoid a situation like this, carrying out your role as an Article assistant and your works, attempting to exceed your principal’s or your manager’s expectations in you through your works, and dealing with your situations tactfully throughout your Articleship period will come a long way to help you.

Let me and other readers know your views in the comments section below. And if you think this article can be of help to a CA student in your circle, please share this article with them.

M. Ammar

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