Turn Articleship to Your Benefit in 4 Simple Steps

Turn Articleship to Your Benefit in 4 Simple Steps

Make yourself capable of doing the works that your office needs to get done.

Articleship – not many CA-students enjoy it. In fact, many CA-students complain about the various problems they face in Articleship.

If you’re doing Articleship currently, what problems are you facing in it? And the most important question: how do you deal with it?

Lets first talk about the problems you may be facing in Articleship.

You’re in the third year of Articleship but still you haven’t passed your IPCC exams. And you’ve already taken excess study-leaves for your exams. You want to learn to do important office works but your principal is not assigning it to you, because he thinks you’re not capable of doing them well. You’re given only petty work to do in your office and there’s no much learning in doing it. And that makes you worry about your career in the future.

Because you’re not getting to improve your knowledge and skills at work. Nobody is teaching you anything good. Your principal taunts you in front of everyone for having taken excess study-leaves and for not knowing how to do important works. And all these may be making you feel low.

You also have pressure from your family: to either pass your exams this time, or leave CA! You’re frustrated with your office-life, and you’re frustrated with your life in CA.

But you want to make it work.

You want to go on to become CA. You don’t want to stay held back in CA. But how do you come out of all these mess?

Does that make you worry a lot?

Throw all your worries far away because we – me and you – are going to make this work. We’re going to solve your problems together, whatever they are.

Here are the 4 simple steps to overcome your Articleship mess:

1. Change your attitude towards work.
Yes. To change something outside of you for your benefit, you need to change things inside of you first.

If you’ve been waiting for your principal to “assign” you the work you want to learn to do, if you’ve been waiting for somebody to “teach” you how to do a particular work, if all you’re doing is waiting, waiting, waiting, and being increasingly dependent on others to teach and assign work to you, that’s when you need to question your attitude towards work.

From waiting for somebody to teach and assign work to you, why not learn it yourself? Why not learn to do independently all the important works in your office without waiting for your principal to teach and assign it to you?

Question and change the way you think about work. Change your attitude of waiting to the attitude of initiating and learning.

2. Learn the work yourself first.
Instead of waiting for someone to assign and teach you work, learn it yourself. If you cannot do it in your office time, do it outside – at home, or somewhere else. If you cannot do it in your normal working hours, do it beyond your normal working hours.

Learn all the skills and gain all the knowledge which are important and useful to your office, and which could be relevant to your career.

Give yourself no excuses. Be desperate when it comes to learning.

Figure out the works which are of high importance to your office, get to know who does them, observe how they are done, and learn them yourself as much as you can. And you can learn a lot by yourself. A lot!

Make friendships with your colleagues and other students who are doing Articleship. Ask them questions regarding how to do the work you want to do. Find someone who can be friendly and helpful to you in learning the work you want to learn. If you don’t find such people in your office, go and meet people in the Institute or elsewhere, until you find someone.

If anybody is not teaching you the office work, be not too dependent on them. Figure out different ways to learn it yourself.

By doing these, you’re making yourself highly competent and capable of doing the works important to your office and to your career.

3. Become highly competent.
Make yourself capable of doing the work that your principal needs to get done. If you have no such capability, and if you cannot do things on your own when needed, why should your principal give important works to you?

Make yourself competent.

When you’ve learnt important skills, gained relevant knowledge, made yourself competent of independently doing the important works when needed in your office, you’ll have gained enough confidence to volunteer to do such works. Ask your principal to allow you to do such work.

If you know how to get the important works done well, and if your principal is still not assigning you such works, your boss will be at loss of not making use of your strengths, and not you.

4. Become happy with your principal.
If your principal has the ability to see the competence in you, he’ll give important works to you. You do it right and you get it done well, and he’ll be happy with you.

And now…

Congratulation! You’ve made your principal happy!

This is how you become happy with your principal, and become happy with your work, and become happy with your Articleship.

Learn the important works yourself and learn to do them well, make yourself competent, and you’re turning Articleship to your benefit.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be helping yourself in your Articleship, and in your future jobs as well.

What problems do you face in Articleship? How do you deal with them? Please share your views with me and other readers in the comments section below.

M. Ammar

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  • Ram
    July 25, 2017, 10:18 pm

    I am asking colleague to give me work but he is not giving the work
    I am doing observation what others do ,but I am not getting knowledgeable work
    So please give me suggestions to get knowledge &how to get work

    • Ammar@Ram
      July 26, 2017, 11:10 am

      Hi Ram,

      If your colleague is not giving you work, then you can ask for it from others such as manager or partner in your firm. But if you’re a new joinee, it’ll take sometime for your colleague(s) to start trusting you on carrying out the works. But whatever work you are given, try to carry it out properly and innovatively. Try to give helpful suggestions if you can. And keep asking for work.



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